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Hearts Theme


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Size: 16.90KB

Rating:   7 votes.

Submitter:  Eric Einem
Submitted:  2010-04-14 17:46:15
Downloaded 2608 times
 This high contrast theme cleans up a few glitches in version 1.0. It has a simple layout which displays the song rating using heart icons. It also includes a gradient volume control image.<br><br> I use my Sansa C250 when pulling a small sound system trailer behind my bicycle for party bike rides. The C250 is the perfect size to fit on my handle bars, and I made this theme as readable as possible to use while riding my bike. I used a small font because I don't have time to wait for the screen to scroll when I'm trying to read the display while riding my bike. For many tracks I have enough of the Title and Artist info fits on the display that I don't need to wait for the display to scroll.<br><br> I incorporated the song rating in the WPS because I use the song rating to help me make playlists. When listening to music, you can see easily see if a song hasn't been rated yet. I use SansaMonkey to sync the song ratings with MediaMonkey. <br><br> The WPS display includes the following:<br> Title -- Artist -- Album -- Time -- Volume (shown in decibels when volume is changing) -- Batery Time Remaining -- Track number X of Y -- Song Rating -- Playback progress -- Time Elapsed -- Time Remaining -- Status icons: locked, shuffle, repeat, play status<br><br> The WPS file includes plenty of comments and should be easy to modify. It uses the shuffle, repeat and play icons from the DarkSpectrum L1 theme.
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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