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rayboradio_fuze Theme


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Size: 37.30KB

Rating:   10 votes.

Submitter:  Thanos Tsakiris
Submitted:  2010-03-27 10:33:59
Downloaded 14007 times
 This is a port of the rayboradio_OB theme to Sansa Fuze. Major changes involve the graphics for shuffle, repeat and CF, while most other graphics (battery, lock, hdd, volume, rwd, fwd etc.) have been redrawn to eliminate the blurriness induced by the smaller resolution scaling. The icon set is unchanged, but the font has been changed to 13-Fixed to support Unicode. Derived from: "rayboradio_OB" by Humberto Santa which in turn was derived from the original "rayboradio" CC-BY-SA 3.0 (initial rayboradio graphics by "Immolate", initial coding by "knight4led") rayboradio_OB Iconset derived from the Tango Small Iconset
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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