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AllText2 Theme


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Size: 6.71KB

Rating:   4 votes.

Submitter:  AW Hart
Submitted:  2016-05-18 22:46:47
Downloaded 2185 times
 AllText Theme Description: All text based, blue & gold colored theme for the iPod Nano 2nd Generation models. Fast loading, plain straight-forward display; at-a-glance Artist/Album/Track listing. Simple, yet information heavy. Goal with the WPS (What's Playing Screen) was to provide a display with a substantial amount of information easily readable with a glance, without creating a cluttered interface and without meaningless symbols or icons. The largest font size is given to track title with artist and album name one step size down the remainder of the display is one step size down from that. The part of the display showing progress bar/next track switches to volume/level meter while adjusting volume and returns to progress bar/next track after 2 seconds. Bit rate quality indicators HQ (High-Quality) & LQ (Low-Quality) are momentary displayed (when appropriate) during the first 3-seconds of the track. Files sampled above 44.1 Hz are noted along with average bit rate in kbps. Volume bar changes to red color at levels above 0db to indicate that clipping will likely occur at these levels. If no ID3 title is available it will display the filename (minus extension). The WPS uses only Adobe-Helvetica fonts which are includes in the package, but are also part of the standard Rockbox additional fonts package. Media file size above 10,000 kb are displayed in MB (rounded to neatest 1MB). Uses no images or backgrounds! Works with rockbox-ipod1g2g-3.13 version. I have tested this over the past week, if you find any errors or bugs please let me know.
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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