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GoldscreenO Theme


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Size: 47.15KB

Rating:   3 votes.

Submitter:  Karl Schuhmann
Submitted:  2016-02-23 22:00:35
Downloaded 3457 times
 (23.02.2016, updated to V1.1, see description header on GoldscreenO.wps, GoldscreenO.fms and for change info) The Rockbox GoldscreenO is a pretty uncool but infromative theme for the 96x96 pixel Sansa Clip Zip display for the useres like me who need now glases to red text. It uses a (for all customizable screens common) custom status line on top with play/record mode icon (alternated record source icon on record screen), current time (alternated key lock icon), accu power in percent and a graphic accu power/loading icon. The alternate info on the whole statusline is a graphic volume indicator on changing volume, a decimal volume indicator a short time after changing volume and a alternating decimal accu power/remaining time until power of (if activated) info. The wps shows artist, track, album, cd number/track number/number of total tracks and year from id3 tag or some info from filename/drirectory if available. It shows on the left (alternating) the used codec, the sampling frequency, and the shuffle mode icon (if activated). It shows on the right side the bitrate of the codec (white on CBR encoding, green on VBR encoding), and alternating the icons for the different repeat modes (if activated). On the bottom it shows a progress indicator for the current song with decimal time played and time to play info for the current song. Finally it shows the number of the current played song within the current playlist and the total count of songs in the playlist. The fms screen show rds info station name and station text, or station name from preset list and current tuning frequency if rds info is not available. It shows on the left a scan/current position in preset list info, a graphical signal strength indicator, a decimal signal strength indicator and a green stereo or white mono icon on input signal strength above 5dbuV. Finally it shows a graphical tuning frequency indicator, the upper and lower tuning frequency limits and the current tuning frequency in the center of the bottom line (and on unfilled lines for rds info (above)). The record screen is extended by the current sampling frequency (white on mono, green on stereo), codec and bitrate information on mp3 encoding. This both info fields flicker because custom recording screen is not supported by Rockbox and it's quick and dirty patched inside at the end of the .sbs file. Maybe it's possible on future Rockbox versions, to get a stereo/mono tag from the decoder of the current played song (my audio books are normally encoded in lame mono Q0, VBR8 if the don't include stereo content). The image size of each included image is minimized to reduce memory consumption of the skin (because the founf nice graphic for volume adjustment is very big). Thanks a lot to the developer of this very useful Rockbox firmware. Thanks also to the developer of the other themes for the ideas, especially Greg Till (Cleanscreen theme) and Johannes Voggenthaler, Apoo Maha, Marc Guay, Alex Vanderpol, Jerry Lange, Keith Perri, Mark Fawcus, and Marianne Arnold (cabiev2 theme).
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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