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ChicagoUnified Theme


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Size: 12.08KB

Rating:   6 votes.

Submitter:  Brendan Riera
Submitted:  2015-12-01 04:59:28
Downloaded 2748 times
 For the possibly non-existent number of greyscale iPod/iRiver users. This theme was somewhat inspired by the long dead Marquee theme and the original Apple firmware. The status bar is heavily based on the built in one (as it's fairly decent to begin with). Named after the Chicago font (Nimbus on Rockbox). The WPS is based on the Apple firmware including a volume bar. The status bar and title bar are on every screen for a consistent user interface. The status bar icons auto stack from the right and left sides as they are enabled/disabled so there are no gaps. The status bar can be rearranged. See included readme (in Theme folder). Any new icon has been drawn by me. Battery charging and disk access icons are animated too. The new use the two shades of grey available to the iPod LCD (not realy visible in the screen shots) There is an FM screen although I've only tested on the simulator as I don't have an FM remote.
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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