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Cabbie-Revisited_v2 Theme


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Size: 62.51KB

Rating:   9 votes.

Submitter:  C. D. Gray
Submitted:  2015-09-01 00:30:41
Downloaded 5769 times
  Cabbie-Revisited_v2 - 'No Album Art' Option =========================================== The first version of Cabbie-Revisited was designed to display album art for any music library item that had embedded album art. For items that did not have album art, text data was displayed for 'Title, Artist and Album'. For those that prefer the "No Album Art" option, deletion is reqired for any embedded album art items in their music library and this is obviously not practical. Cabbie-Revisited v2 is my design for the "No Album Art" option. It has a new feature that displays additional file-audio information. Normally when you press 'pause' while playing an item, the playing is paused and audio is muted. Now a new info screen is displayed that provides the following data on the current item that is paused" - Filename with extension type - ID3 Tag version - Codec - Bit Rate - Sampling Rate - Replay Gain - File Size. While in pause mode, you can step through the current playlist via the 'right' button or back via the 'left'. When you press 'play' the play screen is restored and playing is resumed. V2 has some changes in the wps and fms screens from v1: ======================================================= - If you select the 12 hour time format(recommended) the 'am' or 'pm' descriptor is displayed. - The battery icon was enlarged to accomodate the larger font [9-fixed.fnt]. - The line selecor text color was set to 'black'. - The default "User font" is [16-Adobe Helvetica Bold.fnt] This applies to the play screen display of "Title, Artist & Album" and the "Menu" screen. ( The largest "User font" supported is [19-Nimbus.fnt] ) - The FM (fms) screen now displays a warning that audio is muted if "pause" is pressed. The warning is cleared when "play' is resumed. The wps was based on :"Cabbie-Enhanced+" by Eugene Eng (2011-01-14) The fms was based on :"Keepitsimple,stuid V2.0" by Michael Huth ( 2012-03-31) The additional Rockbox font package is required (See extras on the Rockbox web site)
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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