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Cleanscreen-SpinalTap Theme


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Size: 113.47KB

Rating:   6 votes.

Submitter:  Greg Till
Submitted:  2014-03-07 05:40:52
Downloaded 7619 times
 (v. 1.0) This is a derivative of my Cleanscreen theme. According to the Rockbox manual, volume settings higher than 0 dB "raise the volume more than would otherwise be possible." The only analogy that allowed me to get my head around this statement was to Spinal Tap's "these go to 11" volume controls, so for kicks I decided to make a theme along those lines. (Album art is still viewable by locking the screen.) After selecting this theme, you may need to restart your device. When you want to connect your device to your PC via USB, you may need to switch to another theme, particularly rockbox_failsafe. (Rockbox has a known issue in this regard with certain themes on the Clip Zip.) Comments welcome on my Cleanscreen forum thread:,43099.0.html
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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If the theme does not work, please discuss the issue on the forums instead.
If the theme causes rockbox to crash or hang, please report a bug instead.

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