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Balanced Theme


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Size: 9.61KB

Rating:   43 votes.

Submitter:  James Hunt
Submitted:  2014-02-22 16:19:42
Downloaded 35990 times
 Improved version of uNbaLanCeD theme by Smith Cameron. Contains player, radio and statusbar skins. SBS based on Pony theme by Nick Peskett. Note: radio skin didn't work with 3.10 release, only with current builds. [Changes in WPS & FMS]: Added peakbar in WPS and signal meter in FMS; Added disk access indicator under seconds (AM / PM indicator removed); 1 px gradurated battery bar; Redrew and 2 px gradurated volume bar; Individual shuffle & repeat icons; Estimated battery time instead of date (or sleep timer, or volume in db when changing); improved track name formula: ID3 Artist & Title -> if absent Artist, show Title (now without leading "-") -> if absent Title, show Filename; More centred elements; Lower-case "Paused" text; pretty comments in a code. [Changes in SBS]: 1 px gradurated battery, every 8 seconds shows battery level in percent for 2 sec instead (while charging - 5 / 5 seconds); Redrew volume bar with voulme level in db when changing; Recording animation (originaly from Pony theme); Added recording format info; Clock or sleep timer instead remaining track time; Changed elements position. [Other]: Theme's cfg-file didn't changing menu settings e.g. scrollbar or system font, it only applies skins; Required font pack, specifically 18-Adobe-Helvetica-Bold, 21-Adobe-Helvetica-Bold and 08-Rockfont. [UPDATE]: - Thanks to lebellium for fixing theme so it compatibly with current build --- Discussion here:
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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