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Googley-Classic-Orange Theme


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Size: 41.36KB

Rating:   4 votes.

Submitter:  Guillaume Cocatre-Zilgien
Submitted:  2014-01-13 09:38:56
Downloaded 11339 times
Designed for LCD size:  320x240
 Theme based on Google artwork and colors: orange. UPDATED January 12, 2013: added hold switch indicator, removed unnecessary workarounds. REQUIRES BUILD 193911a OR LATER (or Rockbox 3.14). While Playing Screen features track number and duration, track title, artist name, album title, release date and codec information, album art, progress bar and playback indicators. When the hold switch is on, artist name is replaced with album artist name. If you set the "status bar" setting (in the theme settings menu) to anything other than "off", release date is always displayed next to the album title, and codec information is replaced with "next track" information. SBS (menu screen) features current playing song, with miniature album art. FM Radio screen included. Top status bar displays volume (emphasized when > 0dB), storage activity (emphasized when active), and battery charge (emphasized when < 10%). The theme is designed to work with either 14-Nimbus or 19-Nimbus from the official Rockbox font pack. HOW TO INSTALL: unpack the zip archive at the root of your iPod Video / Classic (tell your unpacking software to overwrite existing files). Then, load the theme, turn off your iPod and turn it back on. You only have to reboot once; after that, you can load any of the other five themes without rebooting.
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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