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Cleanzip Theme


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Size: 21.83KB

Rating:   15 votes.

Submitter:  Klaus Schöller
Submitted:  2014-01-01 22:16:09
Downloaded 9774 times
 This theme is a modification ('adaption') of the theme 'Cleanscreen' (v1.0) by Greg Till. I added some colour and features, like RDS (which works fine in my region). Cleanzip allows you to customize your preferred view. To do this, you need to open and edit the file(s) cleanzip.wps, cleanzip.fms and ### Features of Cleanzip.wps include: - 7 different options when (and how) the album cover is displayed. By default, the album cover behaves like a sceensaver if the keys are unlocked. Changing volume ends the 'screensaving' cover view for 90 sec. - Option to display a warning if selected settings are enabled and/or different from standard. - In addition to the basic track information, more detailed information (genre, composer, codec, bitrate, replay gain, rating, playlist position, next track) can be displayed optionally. - Option to display 'remaining playing time' instead of 'total track time'). - Option to show the current time, alternating with volume decibel level. - Option to show the percentage of battery charge permanently or only when high/low. ### Installation During he installation process, Rockbox expects to find the original Sansa firmware file clpza.bin' (contained in in a .zip-file) which needs to be downloaded. As of December 2013, the latest firmware of Sansa ClipZip is version 01.01.21. However, this version is not yet accepted by the installation procedure of Rockbox. Instead, please use the Sansa firmware file of version 01.01.20. To download this file, search for: Manual Firmware Update (All Regions) The fonts used in this theme will be automatically available if you select (add) the Rockbox component 'Fonts' ('Additional fonts for the User Interface') during the installation process of your Rockbox software. It is highly recommended that you do not change these fonts. Shut down and restart your player after installation and every time after having changed the theme setting to Cleanzip. The following scroll settings are highly recommended: Scroll Speed: 16 Scroll Start: 1500 ms Scroll Step Size: 1 px Bidirectional: 0% ### Credits go to: Greg Till (I adapted the artwork and some of the code of his brilliant theme) Ludovic Jakimon Nick Peskett
Doesn't work with current build

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