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Ekaran Theme


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Size: 69.78KB

Rating:   265 votes.

Submitter:  Sahand Nasr
Submitted:  2013-02-17 21:30:39
Downloaded 22750 times
  This theme's main goal is maximizing "simplicity" and "readability" as much as possible on a 96x96 display. Album Art is omitted because it takes most of the space and won't look good on such a tiny device anyway. All fonts are included in the package and all are pre-anti-aliased. WPS, FBS and SBS are each individually mixable with other themes. *** Recommended settings: bidir limit: 0 scroll delay: 1000 scroll speed: 16 scroll step: 1 *** v1.0.1: Now it shows the artist tag if album artist is blank. *** v1.0.2: [almost] fixed the issue where the top row of pixels were shown grey, it's barely visible now; unfortunately it's a hardware issue and not completely fixable. *** v1.1.1: Now shows track time on pause, fast forward and rewind. Battery indicator goes red when below 10%.
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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