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lebellium Blue Theme

lebellium Blue

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Size: 61.47KB

Rating:   11 votes.

Submitter:  George Trovato
Submitted:  2012-10-23 00:38:17
Downloaded 15169 times
 v1.11 - This is a blue color variant of Ludovic Jakimon's fantastic lebellium Samsung-like themes. It incorporates the improved battery display of the Accurate Battery Edition, while maintaining compatibility with the 12 hour clock (user configurable through Rockbox settings menu). Original code was written by Ludovic Jakimon, I just moved things around a bit to fit the 12 hour clock display, and used the clock display code from the non-ABE version. Otherwise this is simply a color variant. Changes for v1.11 - Adjusted graphical battery display location so that it no longer cuts off the percentage sign from the numeric battery display when the battery is 100 percent charged. - Removed white space at the end of all code lines. This fixed a bug that caused the clock display to sometimes shift its position. - Changed the backdrop for the SBS screen so the progress bar background is now the proper height. Also includes all fixes from 1.1 (see the included changelog file). Thanks to lebellium for all the help in getting these issues sorted out, and for the fantastic themes that this is based on.
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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