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ALiEn Theme


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Size: 15.94KB

Rating:   12 votes.

Submitter:  Cameron Smith
Submitted:  2012-10-09 09:30:33
Downloaded 14967 times
Designed for LCD size:  96x96
 This isn't a new version. It's a fix of the existing one. My apologies. I didn't realise the time elapsed was showing as time remaining. Now it's fixed. Check out the battery charging animation. In fact, all the Animations. A moving star-field, which increases in speed as you FF & RW, and changes your track duration, ground effects, the little UFO, the volume animation which is like a signal or communication to/from the UFO, console showing the the Alien Face made from Peak Metres, and of course the brilliant peak metre displays to the sides of the Alien Face. (V1.2 The concept is that of first contact with Aliens. That's a clock on the left from top to bottom HH/MM/SS & date on the right YY/MM/DD. I don't own a Zip, so this has just been checked using the Simulator. If you spot anything that needs changing, please get in touch - KiwiCam on IRC or through the Forum. Enjoy. Ported from Clip+ theme but with added Zing. V1.2 - Added a left and right peak metre. Changed the "ground" animation bitmap to 96 wide and not 128. Slight layout tweaks and improved Progress Bar UFO animation. Next update, I hope, will be a Lock Screen.) I welcome your suggestions.
Doesn't work with current build

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