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Classic Clip Inspired UI Theme

Classic Clip Inspired UI

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Size: 10.05KB

Rating:   14 votes.

Submitter:  Veiko Kääp
Submitted:  2012-06-09 08:11:59
Downloaded 17834 times
 Just wanted to create a simple, beauttiful theme with no nonsense like bit rate,album art etc. This is my first theme. It only has while playing screen and menus. I haven't created yet a radio view or custom icons and viewers. Thank you's go to: 1)I got inspiration from "clock_lock2_zip" theme, so thanks to it's creator Clark Locke. 2) I learned how to do volume slider from theme "lebellium Samsung-like", so thanks to it's creator Ludovic Jakimon. 3)To all who made Rockbox on Clip Zip possible! 4)Sandisk for creating Sansa Clip,Clip+ and Clip Zip! So, I hope you like the theme. It looks even better on Clip Zip than on pictures!
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

Zip contents
.rockbox/themes/Classic Clip UI.cfg
.rockbox/wps/Classic Clip UI/
.rockbox/wps/Classic Clip UI/bg.bmp
.rockbox/wps/Classic Clip UI/progress.bmp
.rockbox/wps/Classic Clip UI/volume.bmp
.rockbox/wps/Classic Clip
.rockbox/wps/Classic Clip UI.wps
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