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uNbaLanCeD Theme


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Size: 5.08KB

Rating:   8 votes.

Submitter:  cameron smith
Submitted:  2011-11-08 06:10:31
Downloaded 27557 times
 Sorry folks - I used the wrong file for that last update. Here's the correct version. UPDATED. "Screensaver" now works on the Clip+. Shifted the AM/PM and seconds. Lots of layout and code tweaks. I'll probably be updating this theme again in the next month or so. Prior info: I listen mostly to Audio books and Podcasts and made this layout so that it looks pleasing to my eye and also can be seen clearly. It's good for music too, but it has just the info I like to see and I haven't placed info such as Year, Genre, Frequency etc in it. Version 3.5. Slightly more baLanCeD. Centered the Clock, Date and Volume bar. Moved the Shuffle/Repeat, Sleep. Removed Total Track Time and put Current File Position in its place. A "screensaver" when in Lock position., FF & RW animations.
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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