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nOIsE Theme


Size: 5.42KB

Rating:   3 votes.

Submitter:  Cameron Smith
Submitted:  2011-11-06 07:11:44
Downloaded 22063 times
 UPDATED V3.0 - Changed the date as it wasn't showing correctly with the last update. Menu changes and Track detail tweak Prior changes: Changed the PB bitmap, some layout tweaks and Lock Screen changes. Added Album/Year/Genre. I'm not sure how to describe this theme. It's sort of an homage to SETI. I'm probably wrong, but I haven't seen a theme yet with an Animated Progress Bar. So, I made one, thanks mostly to Saint. There's a lot in here, that at first you really wont notice until you've used it for a while. It uses the Artwiz-Snap Font (so cool), so you'll need to install the additional Font Pack. Credit goes to everyone here for their fantastic themes, but I've taken particular inspiration from the Clock & Boxes themes and of course, my other theme uNbaLanCeD ;) This is a WPS only (for the moment anyway). The Bar on the right is the battery level, the volume bar will appear when needed. I'd love to hear your comments and suggestions for improvement, so PM me or comment in the Forum (I'll create a thread for this purpose). Thanks and Enjoy. Kudos to C Locke for his great suggestions.
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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