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Cabbie Revolution Theme

Cabbie Revolution

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Size: 43.12KB

Rating:   17 votes.

Submitter:  Michael Glaun
Submitted:  2011-02-19 17:47:53
Downloaded 13396 times
 This WPS theme is a modified version of the Cabbie Enhanced+ theme by Eugene Eng (which itself is a modified version of the Cabbie dynasty of themes). I basically needed a theme that would work well the Nimbus 19 font so it would be easy to read while in the car, and would also display the album 'track number' and the 'Grouping' ID3v2 tag. I liked the look and feel of the Cabbie themes so I used Cabbie Enhanced+ as the base. In order to apply the Nimbus 19 font I had to optimize screen real estate. These are the main changes I made to the base Cabbie Enhanced+ theme: (1) album art reduced from 100x100 pixels to 80x80, (2) added "track number" tag before track title, (3) increased height (21 px) of display area where artist, track title, and album name is shown to allow use of Nimbus 19 font , (4) moved "year" tag to follow the album name, (5) added the "Grouping" tag to follow the genre, (6) moved "Next:" text to same line as next track artist and title, (7) set "Genre" and "Grouping" tags to a fixed Nimbus 14 font, (8) removed display of "current directory" when track has no album name, and (9) renamed "NoRG!" text to "No ReplayGain" (only in view with no album art). REMEMBER: After you install the theme, set Nimbus 19 as your font user font.
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

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