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Basta Theme


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Size: 40.67KB

Rating:   31 votes.

Submitter:  Guillaume Cocatre-Zilgien
Submitted:  2014-05-09 15:31:58
Downloaded 12241 times
 REQUIRES THE LATEST DEV BUILD (or Rockbox 3.14), as well as the font 14-Nimbus.fnt from the Rockbox Font Pack (in extras). Please reboot after installing the theme or switching to another one. Basta is an evolution of the Googley theme for the iPod Classic. The color of the status bar can be changed with the color picker in the Theme Settings menu. A set of extra color presets is included in the zip archive as *.txt files that need to be renamed to *.cfg: Blue, Green, Lime, Orange, Scarlet and Storm. By default, the last metadata line in the Now Playing screen displays codec information; when paused, the title of the upcoming track is displayed instead. That behavior can be changed by setting the "Status Bar" theme setting to "Top" (the opposite behavior will be applied), or setting it to "Bottom" (in which case, the line will alternate between upcoming track title and codec information). The battery display can be changed to show a percentage instead of an icon, in the Theme Settings -> Status/Scrollbar -> Battery Display menu. NOTE ABOUT ICONS: this theme includes icons for pointer and directories. UPDATED 2014/05/09: display composer in the SBS when applicable, like in the WPS; fix color detection; darker gray and blue presets. Comments and suggestions: See also:
Works with current build
Works with release 3.14

Zip contents
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